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Just met with a bookstore owner. UPDATED.

Skoob_ymSkoob_ym Teacher
edited October 2019 in General Discussions
I just had a drop-in meeting with a bookstore owner in my local area. I found her having lunch. She often has book-signing events and features a local-author area in her used-and-new bookstore.

I asked about scheduling a book-signing event, and met with favorable results. We are tentatively scheduled to "Release" my "Coding Hour" (some of you helped with the cover) on 10/4/2019 (for you Europeans, 4/10/2019). My cost FOB from Lulu Express is ~$6; she will buy at $9 and sell to the public at $14. If she needs to reorder (hope, hope, hope) I will provide her a direct sale link from Lulu. She was also interested in stocking Bell, Book, and Bullets and A Trufflesome Murder in smaller quantities.

Let me just say WOOHOO! We'll see how it goes, and I'll keep you posted... Still a tentative thing as of now. But I might have just sold 12-16 copies at $9 per.

Thought you'd all be interested; Go thou and do likewise.


  • Great stuff. Nowt like seeing your book in a real store. Congrats.
  • Good news!

    Black Cat Studios
  • No word back. I'll go in and see her again tomorrow, in case the email went to spam.
  • Skoob_ym said:
    No word back. I'll go in and see her again tomorrow, in case the email went to spam.
    We are still in September.
  • True. I do want to have time for flyers and emails, though.
  • Follow-up: The official Release date for Coding Hour -- That is, the bookstore event with a book-signing -- will be October 18. I'm going to go in after work and stay till closing (9 PM). I've invited several friends through facebook and texting. The book-store owner is also publicizing, and there's usually good walk-in traffic.

    On vera... :smile:
  • potetjppotetjp Professor
  • Good luck!

    Black Cat Studios
  • Thanks. Friends and coworkers are quite excited about it. I'm humbled.
  • potetjppotetjp Professor
    Don't forget to bring along a couple of copies of your good hotel maintenance manual. I'd be surprised if nobody were interested in it.
  • Updates: So I held the event tonight. The bookstore completely forgot it -- the owner's dog had a medical emergency that had consumed all of her time and energy -- but the two lads at the counter were very helpful.

    First, they took me at my word that I was supposed to be there; then they helped clear space for me to set up and sign books at the counter; they posted my flyer on several lamp-posts nearby, and they directed customers towards the counter where I was sitting. One of them (I later found out) did quietly go across the street to find the owner and verify that I was supposed to be there, but in general they took my word for everything and were quite friendly.

    I had lightly publicized the event at work (i.e. texted a coworker who then announced it to everyone he saw, till I was starting to blush) and on social media (once-over lightly: A photo of my flyer with "I'm planning to go to this"). Lots of folks at work told me to bring them books (but couldn't attend for various reasons). Still, four people from work came by, and four other friends stopped in (one brought a copy I had given him). In addition, three complete strangers spoke to me about the books and bought signed copies.

    The store owner's husband came by later to offer me a glass of wine and to apologize for the confusion. I assured him that it was fine and that it went very well anyway, and I commended the flexibility and helpfulness of his staff. The store bought several copies for stock.

    As Jean-Paul predicted, there was a certain interest in my Hotel Maintenance book, and I am still not certain why. But I am grateful and pleased nonetheless.

    In all, 13 sales, plus several prospective sales to coworkers on Monday.

    Most of all, I had a lot of fun. I got to sit at the counter in a bookstore and chat with people about books. It was a blast! One of the strangers who bought a book had me sign it to his wife, who loves crime drama, and another of the strangers said that he teaches English at a local High School, and is always looking for books to recommend.

    Some of my friends came in together, so we I got to make introductions and encourage chit-chat - It was like hosting a small party.

    Everything that could go wrong went wrong -- the bookstore changed the date once, then forgot me -- and still it was a fun and worthwhile evening. I would urge anyone who is releasing a book soon to stage a book signing at their local neighborhood bookstore. Sales, and fun, and books... Oh my.
  • Also, there were a few compliments on the cover. I have this forum to thank for that.
  • potetjppotetjp Professor
    Congratulations. This experience of yours could be turned into a short story, with the bookstore keeper being a confused woman always at her wits' end as the prominent character, although absent in the main part. Then you would have the helpful staff, and the motley set of the customers from the schoolteacher to the anarchist. Surprisingly the artist would be interested in your Hotel Maintenance manual as he was trained as an electrician, and still can't make a decent living with his art, so has to find a good job. Perhaps you could throw in a hostile man who reproaches you with writing about your faith, but buys a copy all the same to highlight all the passages that - to him - prove you are wrong. There might be a little kid accompanying his mother who is positive your book has batteries included since you don't have to plug it on a power outlet.  :) 
  • I love that idea. I may use that. :smiley:
  • Skoob_ymSkoob_ym Teacher
    edited December 2019

    Further update: Due to the errors last time, was invited back last Friday night 12/6 which was a "First Friday Artwalk" night. Sold several more books. Went very well. 7 total sales from that. Also, I have been invited back for a 12/20 "Jolaabokaflodid" event, celebrating the Icelandic "Yuletide Book Flood." It is a tradition in Iceland to give books on Christmas Eve and to stay up all night drinking cocoa and reading.

    Which raises the question: Why am I just now hearing about this Jolaabokaflodid tradition? We need to make this a thing everywhere!

  • Surely people still get books at Xmas or other pressy giving times without the need for it to be a tradition? For goodness sake don't mention it to Hallmark!
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