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Hello ~
I am reaching out to the community once again to learn if this is another scam. This time from (Do I have a sign on my forehead or what?) 

 I received a call from this company to do a radio interview. I was eager to know more.  I asked for a follow-up email.   It suggests I book a slot to be interviewed on America Tonight with Kate Delaney (she is a writer of books related to sports), and  Christian Faith Radio with Dr. Andrea  My writing has neither of these elements. The e-mail is an invitation and does not indicate I would pay to be interviewed.  However, the website has a retail price of $699.00.

Should I expect to pay to be interviewed, by those who profess to be interested in my book?
Thank you in advance for your advice is appreciated.  

PS. I was hoping for some follow up from media outlets as Lulu had recently completed a PRWeb press release for me on August 21, 2019, which they said would go out to all kinds of media outlets. I posted it on all my social media platforms. 


  • Ron MillerRon Miller Professor
    edited September 2019

    It sounds like yet another scam from people who offer "publishing services" to unsuspecting authors. As one blog site put it "the random email (or phone) solicitation is definitely a warning sign."

    First of all, no legitimate literary agency charges an author for their services.

    Second, an author does not pay for the privilege of doing a radio interview
    (I have done dozens and no money ever changes hands). By the same token, radio shows do not pay authors to interview them. (They are either done live, if the author is in town, or by telephone.)

    This may be of interest

    Black Cat Studios
  • In a nutshell, genuine agencies of most natures rarely have to solicit. But there indeed must be some reason you keep getting targeted. From something you have enquired about, or an advert you have clicked, or some site you have looked at, your name has been placed on an 'may be interested' mailing list. Could even have been done by a cookie planted on your PC by the likes of Faceache.
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