bizarre royalties

The screen capture below shows the top part of my sales for August 2019.

There are a couple of things I simply do not understand.
1) Baybayin (6x9", 240p) costs €20.00, and earns €3.37€ of royalties with Amazon US (Vs €10.36 with Lulu), while Ancient Beliefs (7.44x9.68", 656p) costs €35.00, and earns €2.17 of royalties also with Amazon US (Vs €12.76 with Lulu).
2) Ingram GB sold 2 copies of Ancient Beliefs, but the royalties amount to €0.00!

Am I correct when I guess I should sell Ancient Beliefs at a higher price to get royalties proportional (€5.89) to what I get from Baybáyin
Does the €0.00 mean that the payments for the books have not been cashed yet?



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