Different options, Lulu vs Lulu Xpress

When I go through the normal Lulu creation page, it will only let me use cream paper for trade paperback size; if I want white paper, I have to use A5. And there is no option for, say, Color Standard + Coil-Bound.

But if I go through Lulu XPress, I can mix and match binding, size, and paper type to my heart's content.

Is there a reason for these differences? And is there any difference in quality if I order a book via XPress vs normal Lulu?


  • Lulu xPress uses our updated product line, Lulu uses our older one. That accounts for the differences in product availability. 
    But both sites use the exact same printers. So quality should be identical.
    We'll be updating to this new product line for lulu.com in early 2020 if all goes as planned. We've just been using Lulu xPress to test the new upload/design wizard and the new product line before we move those things to Lulu.com.
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