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Printing color/paper

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  • A_A_CainA_A_Cain Oz Creator
    You've got too many variables here for much meaningful comment - an unknown paper type through Createspace, different products through Lulu, your own budget, plus your niche content.

    Keep in mind also that print quality will vary from printer to printer, regardless of the paper quality specified. That's probably a bigger variable you can't control and nobody else can comment on.

    I'd have thought you'd have to go with the quality you can afford, from whichever Lulu option you prefer and want to pay for.

    Comparing what's available to something that you can no longer get is a meaningless exercise, surely?

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    I'd like to delete and close my account please
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    I'd like to delete and close my account please
  • A_A_CainA_A_Cain Oz Creator
    I guess the question is, is the Lulu standard paper quality any good? Have you ordered a proof? 300 pages in colour for $20 sounds like bargain city to me, but yes, $48 is a big ouch. 

    Intriguing subject matter though - are you a restoration expert?
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  • Paul_LuluPaul_Lulu Admin
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    Wolff said:
    I guess my earlier reply has to be "approved" now before it's visible, no idea why...
    Got nabbed by the spam filter, not entirely sure why...
    I verified your account, it won't happen again.
    The difference between Standard and Premium that likely impacts you the most would be the ink coverage and paper weight. If you have images that require a high level of ink coverage, the Standard Color will likely result in "wavy" pages.
    It is worth noting that, based purely on specifications, our Standard Color is comparable to the full color offering CS had. You're right about CS limiting choices, to my knowledge that don't dive into that level of customization for your work. It's just color or b&w.
    Unfortunately, the quality for your specific project will be very hard to tell without looking at prints using both specifications. That's my best suggestion; make a book with both the Standard and Premium color to see if our pricing and print quality will work for you.
    Last thing, the cover size. It's very unlikely a CS cover will convert perfectly. They universally use a lower paper weight than Lulu, so the spine is always narrower, through off the dimensions slightly.
    The specs 10.19" x 14.92" seem just about right for a 300 page 7x10, though they would be inverted of course. 10.19" would be the height + bleed, the 14.92" would be front+spine+back+bleed.
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