KDP takeover messing with your sales?

Since the merge I've noticed a huge decrease in sales on Amazon. When it was CreateSpace their support allowed me to add search tags or phrases. I always noticed this helped and my books stayed in the top 20 or so and many times were number one new release or best seller. KDP won't add them for me now because the email address linked to those books belongs to Lulu.com and not me. To me the new merge has really hindered my sales. Of course moving all of my books to KDP would solve a lot of the problems but I like it here and it's what I'm used too. Anyone else have thoughts on this?


    My sales have also dropped rapidly, and your theory that the merger could be responsible is worrying. My latest book, Beauty Beyond Death showed on my sales at Amazon US this morning as zero revenue. Yes, I recall someone else reported this recently, but it really peeves me. I have sent an enquiry to the admins, so let's see their response. I'm also tired of Amazon messing with the prices I set on Lulu... Also, I mentioned earlier about Amazon banning Novelrank. Funny the sales have dropped now I cannot check them. Yes, I log onto Author Central, but find their data insufficient and misleading. Anyway, I've never used Createspace and always been with Lulu, but I'm now considering alternatives. 
  • Yes Author Central is pretty much useless to check sales. All you get is the paperbacks and then it doesn't include all of them. We have no true way of keeping track of sales since Novel-rank is gone. I did contact Lulu support about finding a way to give us more control over our keywords, prices, etc. I was told that I could change them anytime in my account. I know that already, but that doesn't get added to Amazon when the info is sent. And then it takes up to two weeks or longer. When it was Create Space I'd log into my Author Central account, contact support and ask for key words to be added. They were working within usually one day. Now all that has changed and the only hope I have of having my books getting seen is to revise them monthly which puts them into the "new releases" category. It gets my ranks up some and books get seen. I have found that changing key words every few weeks kept the books ranking up and sales too. But now KDP is not accepting this and sales are way down. Using my key words that were showing my books on the first page, no longer do that. My books are not showing even after the sixth or seventh pages or more. That's not good at all for sales. As far as prices are concerned I've only have them mark the price down but still got paid for what I intended too. But for the last two months I was under paid for my sales for that book on Amazon U.S. Instead of $1.39 profit I only got $1.00. This happened two months in a row. Support here did reimburse me but it's making me look more closely at my sales report in the future. 
    The book I reported as no revenue was actually on iBooks and not Amazon. My mistake. Admins report that someone who had recently purchased the book downloaded it again. Sorry for the confusion, however, I stand by everything else I said about Amazon.
  • I've checked my sales on Author Central the last two months right before we get our report. Both times Amazon left a message saying they were sorry that they were having trouble updating my sales. I've spoken to people who use KDP who said they've had problems with under reporting by them. They were reimbursed but makes me very cautious about my reports if Amazon itself can't keep things straight. 
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