do color photos print well or should they be pre edited adjusted prior to uploading

Am printing a book that includes color photographs and wanted to learn if the photos print  reasonably well in the finished book relative to the orginals in the pdf? 
Should they be pre edited as to brightness contrast etc for optimal printing on the glossy paper?

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  • I've done some calendars for my family. You should definitely do some samples, so that you can get a feel for your personal level of tolerance for what counts as "reasonably well". In my experience, the printers do a great job of printing what we give them. The real problems are (1) computer screens are a lot brighter than paper-and-ink, and (2) we [or, me, at least] expect a greater level of detail from tiny dots on the page than from big pixels on the screen. What looks fine and acceptable on screen ends up grainy on the page. But maybe that's just me.
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