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Does Lulu still not support fixed layout Epubs?

I have a fixed layout epub  that looks great and passes other validations and doesn't even think it is an epub.

Can it be true that in 2019, lulu still only supports reflow layout? That eliminates several very large categories of books from being sold on Lulu.


  • Hi BassoRidiculoso,

    Currently, a lot of our retailers do not support fixed layout ePubs so therefore we do not fully support them.

    Fixed layout ePubs can be sold on Lulu and via iBooks. We will provide an error log with recommendations to be fixed if there are other issues in the ePub.
  • I can't get my fixed epub to even be recognized to be uploaded to be tested. The uploader just wont see anything but a reflowed epub. 
  • Hi BassoRidiculoso,

    I will create a support case for you regarding your ePub.

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