Hi my doubt it,
Can I use the free ISBN provided by Lulu to print the same project with a local publisher in my country (they will be my publisher)?
my query is...Can I use Lulu's platform to create my print ready text with ISBN and then publish it with a local publisher?
The local publisher does not provide ISBN.


  • I think the short answer is going to be "no."
    If you purchase an ISBN through Lulu, they become the publisher of record. 
    You might want to look into purchasing your own ISBN, in your own name, which would probably make what you want to do a lot easier. 

    (PS: are you perhaps also confusing "printer/distributor" with "publisher"? They are not really the same thing.)
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  • Hi, Susan.

    The ISBN identifies the book to potential resellers. For example if someone comes into a bookstore with your book and says, "I'd like to buy another copy of this book" the bookseller will look up the ISBN in Ingram's, and will buy a copy from Lulu.

    If you're using a local printer, and selling the book yourself, you probably want that copy to come from your stock of books at home, not from Lulu's online bookstore at full retail (which the bookstore will mark up at least 50% plus tax and shipping to the customer).

    So as Ron has said above, it's not good and you shouldn't do it.
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