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Buying a book on Lulu

Lulu won't accept an address in France.  It just  tells me that the postcode 20250 is an "incorrect postcode" when in fact it is perfectly correct.
  I've had the same problem with other online order forms that refused London postcodes when in fact they were perfectly correct. I've even had it with Paypal sometimes. Online forms are not the most intelligent things, and companies who do this to customers are losing business as well as wasting our time.
I've had every possible problem with Lulu, including the book coming out tiny  - far smaller than I specified  - but there is nothing I can do about it. The Lulu system is just refusing revisions! You can put in a Word file and it just refuses to convert it to either an E-book or print. No reason given. 
You can send in enquiries but they don't explain why the file cannot be processed.
Now when you finally print the book you cannot buy it. Great.
Many times when I have tried to use the forum, I couldn't , because the system logged me out every time I accessed the page.  I went round and round>>login >>forum>>>oh dear, logged out! >>login >>forum>> logged out again etc etc
Today it wouldn't let me select "buying" as a subject, only "general discussions"


  • Can you not find anything else you dislike about Lulu? That's quite a list ...
  • Yes, the time-wasting people on the forums!
    ObviousIy I wouldn't be posting if I hadn't had problems. 
    I've made it clear I am a beginner and when I learn to overcome all these problems I might be able to offer tips to other people but that prospect is in the future.
  • The log in problem is most likely an inconsistency in our SSO (single sign on) between the main Lulu site and the Forums. We're working on that.
    As for the postal code issue, that's beyond my ability to assist. Someone from our support team would have to review your full shipping address. I see you've been in touch with our team already, so I'll leave them to assist you with that.
    Tiny print (as I mentioned in another thread) is often the result of a larger page size file being uploaded. 8.5x11 file for a 6x9 book will create huge margins and tiny print. It's easy enough to correct by resizing your source file.
    General file errors are difficult to troubleshoot without looking at the file, but again that's something our support team is better suited to review.
  • LarikaLarika Bibliophile
    edited December 2018
    Hello Beginner,
     So sorry to hear about your problems. All I can relate to you is the many problems I had in order to learn Lulu. I joined in 2011 and needed a lot of help initially. I found the forums an excellent source of help. I explained the difficulties I was having and was happily given aid. The knowledge base is also a source of help. The support team give advice and help too. It's well worth persevering with Lulu. I was delighted when I finally mastered Lulu and got my first book. What a great feeling! 
  • There are many problems that only Lulu staff can help with, that's why I 'Paged' one.  :)
  • Thank you to all who replied.
    I will consult Word instructions for how to alter the page size of my Wordfile.
    But I am reluctant to instigate any more revisions until I am certain that Lulu is able to upload and convert the new file. I don't want to be stuck once again the middle of an unsuccessful attempt at revision.
  • The best thing to do is to export a PDF from Word. You can then open the PDF with Adobe Acrobat and check the page size.
    Uploading a PDF is the best way to avoid any issues with the Word file conversion.
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    In Word, click the Page Layout tab for page size and margins etc etc.
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