How do I add extra space between verses in a poem?

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Good morning everybody.
A newbie on Lulu and the e-pub process here.
I am trying to publish a poetry ebook.
I need, in some poems, to separate two verses with an empty line (i.e. to add extra space between the two verses).
Since, if I did not get wrong what is written in the "ebook creator guide", I can not do that by simply hitting the "return" button, how can I do?
Thank you.

Apologies if the answer to my question is already somewhere in the forum section, but I could not find it by a search via keywords.


  • I am not sure if you cannot use an extra carriage return between verses even in an ePub. Just try it and see.
  • Thank you for the answer. I have tried, but it doesn't work. I eventually solved my problem writing a single white character in every extra line I needed, so to have an apparently empty line (given the page background color is white). I don't know, yet, if someone can change the background color of the page in the e-book readers. Hopefully not.

  • I can't see why it doesn't work when you press Return. I do that all the time. I have had up to three blank lines between sections at times. When you say it doesn't work, at which point does it not work? When you try to get Lulu to convert your document to an epub? And in what way does it not work? Is you blank line removed?
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    I used Calibre 3.36.0 to convert a .docx (created with LibreOffice (x64)) to .epub, just to check before uploading to the Lulu wizard.
    The empty lines, in the .epub, were gone.
    Do you think it is a Calibre issue, while pressing Return would work with the Lulu system?
  • You might try adding a line break in the actual code. That's incredibly tedious to do for a large number of lines, but it should create space when viewing the epub with an ereader.
    Just insert that code on its own line and you should instruct the epub to leave a blank line.
  • Thank you Paul. Just to be sure, do you mean I should save the document as .html, open it whith an editor like Atom, and add the tags?
  • You should be able to add those using Calibre in the editor too. That's probably the easiest way.
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