What Type and size font should be used for 6 by 9 trade paperback

I am extremely new to this forum, and any help would be greatly appreciated.  I am writing a civil defense book, this is my field of expertise.  It will be in 6 by 9 trade paperback.  Kind of unsure of best font for this format, both for reading and actual layout.

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  • Thank You Ron,  Both for the information, and of course the speed of your reply.  I am a regognized expert in the CBRN Field,  not so much in the writing and publication field so any nuggets you have are very much appreciated.   With Great Respect

  • Anything over 12 point will look like an elementary school primer.

    But that's what some books are, and some books are also available in Large Print for people with poor eyesight.

    Perhaps we should have asked what purpose the book serves?

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