The young and the English language

LarikaLarika Bibliophile
edited November 2018 in General Discussions
I was reading a book and I came across this -- In the scene two boys were having a conversation.   "Let's chore his bike,"  one boy said to the other. I had to stop reading.What on earth did the boy mean? I wondered. "Let's routine task his bike," didn't make sense. It has to be  a slang word, I thought. So I looked it up in the urban dictionary. Apparently it's a British colloquial term for the act of stealing. Am I in my old age going to have to read a book in the future with an urban  dictionary by my side? I asked myself. When my grand niece told me that the concert she'd been to "was bad" I said I was sorry she'd had such a miserable time. " No Aunty it was really good," she exclaimed. If something is "wicked" it's wonderful and at a "sick" party, they all have an excellent time. What have the young done to our language!!!!!!!!


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