Page size vs cover size

I am putting together a hardcover full colour book in US Letter size with a casewrap cover. 

However, I notice that in the create page, the product size it gives me is 8.25in x 10.75in. 

If this is the product size, and since the cover is always a little bit bigger than the interior pages, then what size should the interior pages be?


  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    The covers on hardbacks are always larger than the pages. Take a look at one. It's only really possible to create images for a paperback cover the same size as its pages. It's not easy creating a cover file for Lulu's One-Piece Cover Wizard, it's hard to get the spine in the right place. It's even harder for a hardback because one has to allow for the fold-overs that are part of the binding. Pages stay the same size regardless of the type of cover.
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