Using MS Word Tables: A No-No?

modene1modene1 Istanbul, Turkey Reader
Hi folks,

I'm wondering if the reference to Columns in the Creator Guide (Greeks/Romans) is a reference to MS Word Tables? Naturally, I'm asking as my table has gone crazy.

If this is the case, what, if any, workarounds are there?

Many thanks,
Mark :)


  • No, columns are actually segments of the page. They're probably a little more obnoxious than tables, if you can believe that.
    You should be able to include a table in your ebook, though I also like making the table an image and using that instead. That only works if the table is relatively small though.
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Columns are commonly what you see in newspapers and magazines. Whereas a table can have 100s of (I forget the term now!) 'cells.'

    See the source image

    See the source image

    Although the vertical divisions are often called columns as well, you can see the difference.

    As Paul says, an image pasted in may be better.

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