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6 x 9 book Premium and white pages

On the book building page, I can't seem to choose Premium Paperback and Black & White on White for 6 x 9 inch book. We have done our book in 6 x 9 in word 2016 and have a lot of pictures (all black and white for a black and white interior). We would like like good quality for the pictures which I think needs Premium and I think white rather than cream would be better for the pictures. Am I understanding correctly? Any advise?


  • There are limitations in Lulu POD, particularly if you want an ISBN, all I can suggest is you pick another size. Perhaps increase your Word page size, but also with wider margins so your original layout does not get too messed up.
  • I checked and see what you mean! Weird that the white paper option vanishes when choosing "Premium." Lulu can correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think you gain anything by choosing "Premium paperback" given your other options. Standard gets you the same 60# white paper, which is nice quality. Just select Standard Paperback, 6x9, white paper. You're right: avoid cream paper if you're using images. They'll look dirty.
  • classiclangclassiclang Author
    edited October 2018
    My book, printed on cream paper, has a few black and white images.  I hadn't thought about this issue when I set up the book.  The images in my proof copies look quite acceptable to me -- certainly not dirty or muddy, although perhaps not as crisp as on white paper.  I agree that white would probably be better for a book with lots of images or if the images are crucial to understanding the text (diagrams, etc.).  But cream can work in some situations.
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    I have often wondered what Premium means by "bookstore quality" because the paperback books I create using Premium are way above the quality of most paper-backed books available in stores. The Proofs I buy direct from Lulu have perfectly white pages, unlike other bookstore books, that have off-white (unbleached?) pages. I have never seen a Standard Lulu paperback. Do they have the off-white paper? (Then again, they cannot have a Lulu ISBN and Dist.)

    Now, having said all of that. People say that Lulu books bought via Amazon (and possibly other places?) are not of the same quality as Lulu's own Premium books. Amazon use Createspace as POD printers.

  • The Standard actually uses 50#, which is the major difference. 

    As far as why our Premium does not include white paper interior, it is a limitation of our distribution packages. 
  • Thank you, Paul, you're right. I swore I saw #60 when I tested it, but I tried again and I see my error. #50 paper is fine, but #60 is nice. Thank you for correcting me.
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