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Recently I created two versions of a side-by-side bible. One was left-to-right (English-Arabic), the other right-to-left (Arabic-English). Everything looked great until I uploaded the cover for the Arabic version. It is showing the back of the book instead of the front.


Is there any way to have the preview cover image be the true front of the book?


Thank you!



English-Arabic version



Arabic-English version



  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Not that I can think of, sorry. I cannot think of a POD DIY self-publishing site that does offer the option. You could mention it in Suggestions, but I suspect adjusting the Cover Wizard software to offer that option would be very complex and expensive to do!

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    But I just have to ask, why are you publishing the Bible?  Surely it is already available in 1000s of forms?

  • >>> "But I just have to ask, why are you publishing the Bible?  Surely it is already available in 1000s of forms?"


    There aren't very many Arabic/English Bibles available.


    I have family members who came from Iraq and they can read Arabic, but not English (at least not easily), but their children can read English, but not Arabic. So instead of them having two separate bibles to read from, they can read it together.


    Thanks for asking!

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    That's true I suppose. There are only 300 on Amazon.  Smiley Happy


    I have often wondered about the concept of reading a book starting from the 'back'.

    Reading each line from right to left, fair enough, but to make POD creation a lot easier, why can readers not adjust to reading from the 'front', Western style, still reading each line right to left, and upon reaching the bottom of the page, just flicking it to the left.

    Original 'books' actually had no pages as such.  Smiley Happy

  • Johnsnape could you eventually find a solution to the problem? I have the same issue. 
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Well let's hope the person is still reading the forum.  :)

    Whatever Lulu's Cover Wizard turns in to the PR PDF, then that is what will be printed. Put the 'front' image on the 'back' upside down and vice versa, and that is what will print, and also what should show in a Preview, albeit, upside down in the Preview! (But you can upload your own can you not?)

    The same with contents. What is on the pages is what will be printed, etc. The problem there is finding a WP that will create New Pages 'backwards' and also allow you to type right to left, and, upside down to match the covers!

    Anyway, I did find this >>

    And this >>

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