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Help with cover/marketing image

SeamusSeamus Creator
I'm missing something in the process. I uploaded an image for marketing, then when the book is on an bookshelf it has a generic cover. I saw a note about making the image the first page if I want it as a cover so I did that. Then it still had the generic cover and the image as it's first page. I know this image works as a thumbnail, because I have it on my bookshelf from another version. How can I replace the generic autocover?
Tim Reinholt Author of Pow, a ski bum heist adventure


  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    If you mean in an ePub, then there's no need to include the cover in the file for the pages. When you do create a 'marketing image' (which I call a cover anyway, because it IS a virtual cover) it will eventually end up embedded in to the ePub file. If it does not then there's a problem with the Wizard.
  • SeamusSeamus Creator
    Ahhh, thanks JK, it just doesn't show the cover until the whole process is completed.  
    Tim Reinholt Author of Pow, a ski bum heist adventure
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