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"inside" bleed or not??

I have a question about how to export my indesign-document (it's an A5 document, 145 pages, paperback, with bleed). In Indesign, I designed the document with facing pages / spreads.

When I export my document as pointed out in here: (that is: with bleed on all 4 sides of the pages). That results in single pages with bleed on all 4 sides. 

Is that really how it should be?? When images touch the spine of the spread, they appear in the bleed of the facing page. (Or is this a change in Indesign? I use Indesign CS4 on a Mac)

I always assumed that there was no need of a bleed on the "inside"-side of the pages? In the past I had documents printed without inside-bleed, and that turned out just great.


So... my question is... should I set my export-bleed settings like this:

bleed = top 0.125 inch; bottom 0.125 inch; inside 0.125 inch; outside 0.125 inch;

or like this:

bleed = top 0.125 inch; bottom 0.125 inch; inside 0; outside 0.125 inch;


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