Image size and overall ebook file size

I have successfully created a printed book some years back (THANK YOU Lulu!!) and am now working on my next book.

My plan is to start with an ebook and then later publish a printed version. My book will have quite a few black and white images. I have three questions.

1) What is the optimum size for an image?
Right now I am creating the images 4" wide at 200 PPI (800 pixels wide, height varies from image to image).

2) Is there a maximum file size allowed for the completed e-book?
I am barely into it and the total file size is already 1.2MB.

3) Is there a way to test the completed e-book on various platforms?
I use Calibre on my desktop and iBooks on my iPad mini. After some problems that evidently had to do with image size, I have been able to view my partially completed book on both platforms.


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