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I've been experiencing an error when creating the last few ePUBs that shows up in whatever ePUB reader I use. I've got an image of it below:

As you can see the main text is displayed in NTR, whereas the first paragraph after the break without the indent is in Arial. It does this with every scene break I create and set the first paragraph as non-indented. Each paragraph format is set to a style, and all use the Arial font before being processed in the ePUB converter on Lulu.

Any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks up front for any help. :smile: 

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    Ok, go into styles on left bar using Sigil. Change all fonts to New Times Roman. Generate toc again to update.

    Or in Word, highlight text and select Normal Style. 

    Better in Sigil. That way you can preview in Adobe Digital Editions and not have to reconvert.
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