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ePUB Cover and Transparency

MicahMathewsMicahMathews Leeds, UK Reader
I've been working on creating better covers/marketing images for the ePUB versions of my books, and come across an issue where the background extends wider than the standard book image I have.

I really don't want to resize the image as I want it to match the book form closely. But there's no way of adjusting the width of the cover image inside the marketing image so that there's no border.

Has anyone found a way around this? I've tried making the cover include a transparent extra edge in the hope that will work, but no success in that.

Any ideas?
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The Kallans - Beginnings: Empire - Print | PDF

Best Answers

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    Accepted Answer
    What size book cover are you using to work with? The image for an ePub Marketing Image is not far removed from the ratio of most common book covers. What I have often wondered is what happens to the 'standard' size of Marketing image that Lulu ask for for an ePub when sent to Kindle to be converted for Kindle? Because when publishing direct to Amazon for Kindle Amazon ask for a different size and ratio.


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