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TOC Errors Are Absolutely Insane

I have read every topic on this...I have searched Google....for the love god why is my book being rejected? 

I use Pages.  I have made the title and copyright page as "header" and the chapters as "header 2".  The only thing I changed in the default conditions is I centered them.  I added a table of contents and it loaded right up with no errors on my screen.  When I attempt to upload to lulu it gives me an error saying I don't have chapters.  I've written ebooks before on other sites with 0 issues.  I have no idea what lulu's problem is or what I'm doing wrong, and from the looks of it, this is a reoccurring nightmare for many.

Thanks for any help


    Try converting chapters as Heading one. I had this problem in the past.
  • Pages "style" formatting is often not retained when you export. Save your file as a Word docx, open it in Word, and check the styles. I'm guessing they won't be applied correctly.

    Using Pages to write is all well and good, but as a file preparation tool it is severely lacking.

    It's also worth noting that our EPUB check runs against all retailer's requirements (Kindle, iBooks, B&N, Kobo, and more) so what another ebook site might accept, we'll kick back for not meeting all minimum requirements.
  • Thanks guys, Ill try it out
  • OliverOliver Reader
    edited February 2018
    Ok I got it working.  For others who may stumble across this thread.  I was using pages and exporting as an rtf file.  It wouldn't work.  Even if I exported as a word doc it wouldnt work either.  I loaded up Scrivener and tried it as an rtf....still didn't work.  I then exported in scrivener as a microsoft word doc and it passed the test.  Thank you guys for the now curious if an rtf document has ever successfully passed.
  • Glad to hear it worked!

    Our converter will accept rtf, but it's tough because the styles may not carry over. Which causes the problem you're having. I'm actually surprised Scrivener wasn't doing it, as I've exported an rtf from there and made an epub without this issue before.
  • Just of a matter of interest.

    There can often also be a confusion as to what Headings and Headers are, and styles too. Headers are words outside of the margin at the top, and ePubs do not use them.

    Some people mistake the word Heading, thinking it just means to bold a bit of the bodytext, when what it means is to use a Heading Style. In Word's 'Ribbon' there are three. Heading 1, 2 and 3. That's what Lulu's convertor is expecting and are called Styles because they are presets in the Ribbon, even if Word's Ribbon does not say they are Styles.  :)

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