Need advice re points/pixels for one-piece paperback cover image

Hi all,
My novel is out on paperback through Amazon and I tried to use the same cover image for Lulu, but after uploading it I get a message saying it's the wrong dimensions.

This is the message:
"Your cover file is 910 points wide by 639 points high, but these are not the right dimensions. Your cover should be uploaded at 947.43 x 666 points"

I've tried doings a points to pixels conversion, but to get the height and width exactly as Lulu is asking for I have to slightly lose the original aspect ratio. Fair enough, so I used the points in the message and multiplied each by four (to keep the image at a good size), then uploaded that. I'm still getting a message saying that the image dimensions are wrong.

The original dimensions that I successfully used with Amazon are 300dpi, 6" x 13.19", 2700 x 3957 pixels. (This is without bleed. I can't see anywhere on the cover uploader screen that says a bleed should be added. If I DO need to add bleed, I have an image with that and its dimensions are 9.25" x 13.44", 2775 x 4032 pixels.)

Can anyone advise me as to what the exact dimensions in pixels need to be for Lulu to accept the image? And does it really have to be as lo-res as the message is suggesting or can I multiply the size by four to keep it closer to the res of the original?

Any help you can give will be very much appreciated.


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