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Finding the fine print for coupons

There are often coupon codes for shipping discounts, which is great! I ship all over the place. But the coupons say something like 'weight and shipping destination restrictions may apply', which is fair enough but I can never actually find the full terms and conditions that list what the restrictions are. The only way is to go through the order process and wait to see if the offer appears when you get to the screen to pick shipping.

I'd really like to highlight the coupons or pass along the savings when I drop ship, but need to be able to say it works for x country or only plug for a specific country, so people don't get upset if it doesn't work for them. It seems really random where it works, just tried the current coupon BOOKSHIP17 for 'Free mail or 50% off ground shipping' on four orders and

New Zealand - doesn't apply
Serbia - free mail (yay!)
Australia - doesn't apply
MA, United Stated - no free mail option only 50% off ground

If I promote that coupon then 75% of people will be annoyed with me rather than happy!


  • The office is a little light on staff with the holiday this weekend, so I'm having a hard time finding the full terms and conditions at the moment.
    But I know it has to vary for a shipping promotion based on the destination. If the location the book prints from and ships to can't be connected by mail, or if the weight bumps you out of the mail shipping class for that location, it won't appear until you have those factors punched into the shipping step.
    Basically, because we print from a variety of locations, it's nearly impossible to get a set in stone rule for shipping discounts. The only way to see if it will work is to take your cart to the shipping step and enter the destination.
    I'll see if I can get the official terms and conditions when we're back in the offices Tuesday (Jan 2).
  • After doing some digging, it looks like the terms for purchasing are all listed here - - unfortunately this is still somewhat vague.

    The bottom line is that shipping and shipping promotions have a lot of variables, so laying down a strict set of rules about how they will work in all situations is very difficult. I brought this to the attention of our marketing team and they said we're already looking for better ways to promote through shipping discounts, so hopefully we've got some improvements in the pipeline.

  • Thanks Paul, I appreciate you looking into it. I think for now I'll just avoid promoting any shipping related discounts. I don't want to test an address for a country and then find it doesn't actually apply to all addresses there etc. Look forward to seeing what the marketing team come up with :)
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