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Now What?

First time user here. I formatted (Word) my 6X9 Casebook manuscript - a short work of fiction (79 pages) - and uploaded. The next screen says "Making Your Print-Ready File" and shows an exclamation point+yellow triangle warning sign, along with a link to "Please visit Lulu support for more assistance." Clicking that link takes me to a page of FAQs, none of which tell tme anything. 


So, is my project processing? Hung up somewhere? Thanks in advance for any help. Appreciate it.


  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    Did you submit a word document or a PDF? If you submitted a Word document I suggest that you submit a PDF instead, as what you see with a PDF is what you get and there usually are no problems with the upload. If you are unable to make a PDF you can download doPDF for free; it is a program that several people here use and it works well.


    Did you set your page size in Word to 6 x 9 inches. If not, you need to change it from the default to 6 x 9 inches. When you create your PDF you need to also specify that the size to be created is 6 x 9 inches.


    No go back to your project and delete whatever file is in there and upload your PDF. It should now go through.

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