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Lulu keeps putting me back to previous steps!

The Lulu web site keeps putting me back to steps I've already taken (like choosing the paper, designing the cover, etc.) and it is not allowing me to go to the page that I was looking at recently where everything was all set for me. 

Who designed the user navigation for Lulu, and does this person have a clue? 

Has anyone else had this problem? 




  • And me! Sent a Help message to Lulu three days ago but yet to receive a response.

  • Papi_SoñolientoPapi_Soñoliento Southern Escarpment Hill Country Teacher

    The post you replied to is 7 years old.


    You also need to consider Lulu staff get Saturday and Sunday off.

    AllanV wrote:

    And me! Sent a Help message to Lulu three days ago but yet to receive a response.


  • Hi AllanV,

    I see your support case in our system and it looks like we sent a reply on Friday (October 20). Sometimes our emails get routed to junk/spam, so please check there.

    Regarding the actual problem you ran into, this usually only happens if you start a conversion and navigate away from the page before the conversion finishes. This can "trick" the wizard and bump you back a step.

    This issue is pretty rare though, and I haven't heard about it cropping up in a long time. Fortunately, any files you uploaded or data you entered is retained. All you need to do is advance through the wizard again.
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