Is TOC driving you mad?

"There do not appear to be any chapters in your table of contents. This suggests that you need to properly set chapter divisions in your document."


I don't know what else to do to get Lulu to accept my ebook .docx file.


Everytime I try and upload and move to the next step I get the above error message.


Let me tell you what I have tried:


Book Title - H1 with no other formating in Times New Roman


Chapter Headings - H2 with no other formating in Times New Roman


I have tried it with Page Breaks and with NO Page Breaks.


I have tried Chapter Headings with all either H1 & H2


The body of the book is Default Format - Arial


There is NO Bold or Italics


Please tell me what I am missing and why Lulu make it so difficult to publish a simple eBook.


I published on Amazon Kindle in seconds with no problems at all, both an ebook and hardcopy.


I have also published two other books on Lulu with out all of this.





  • Make all your headinsg Normal Style and reformat them again as Heading One. Make sur eyou are using Microsoft Word and not Pages or some other software that Lulu does not well with.

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  • What EM said. The Heading styles must have been adjusted at some point. Word also has a "Clear Formatting" command that looks like an eraser in the Home command ribbon. I would use that if just setting the title to normal doesn;t work.
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