error message when I upload file, but have made two version one "portrait" and one "landscape"

Hi everyone,


Thanks to those who've helped me with previous questions here. 


Attempting to persevere with printing here. 


New difficulty, when I upload a file I receive the error message:



"Your file " ... " as 11" x 8.5", but you have chosen 8.5" x 11" as your book size. You can fix this problem by choosing a new book size, or changing your PDF file."


I couldn't find any way to select a new book size, so I changed the PDF file - rotated all of the pages from landscape to portrait orientation. I now have two versions of the 8 1/2" x 11" book in PDF form - one "landscape" and the other "portrait" (I am desiging the book in Adobe InDesign, and used Adobe Acrobat to adjust the page orientation.) However, when I upload either of these versions, I get the same error message (above).


This doesn't make sense to me, and I don't understand how they can both be in violation of the orientation requirement at the same time.



Why might this be occuring?


Thank you,




  • Hi PomegranateSeed,

    Essentially, when you rotate the PDF, there is still metadata in the file that details that the file is landscape even though it appears portrait.

    To fix this, you will have to distill the portrait file using our Lulu Joboptions file. This will remove the metadata from the file and our system will view the file as Portrait instead of Landscape.
  • Thank you Taylor_L, and to Paul_L, who also sent me some very useful information about this matter.


    I have now successfully uploaded both an "interior of the book" file, and a "covers" file. Following this I tried to proceed to the next stage. 


    Here I received a "Please visit Lulu Support for more assitance" notice. Going to work on understanding what has taken us off course at this point, in the "Making Your Print-Ready File" phase.




  • Hi PomegranateSeed,

    It looks like our support team is going to have to look into this for you. I have gone ahead and created a support case for you.
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