What the heck, why not show off?

Two nice reviews of Aliens, one of my latest books, just appeared:




Meanwhile, Zoomable Universe is picking up some good new reviews as well:


"Beautifully illustrated . . . Scharf and Miller take readers on a spectacular journey, starting in the farthest reaches of the universe and ending in the deepest depths of the atom . . . Miller's stunning illustrations pair perfectly with Scharf's compelling writing, which introduces complex ideas using everyday language and lucid metaphors . . . A superb composite of scientific knowledge that will no doubt inspire readers of all ages to learn more about our enigmatic universe." Kirkus Reviews(starred review)

"A fantastic journey from the fringes of the visible universe to the heart of the atom . . . [A] book of wonders." Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"This brilliant author-illustrator collaboration is a worthy, must-have successor to the title that inspired it, the classic Powers of Ten." ―Gilbert Taylor, Booklist
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