Hardback Square Books - option gone?

I seem to be having trouble finding an option for a print book in hardback square format.


I know it used to be available, because I have a stack of 10 of them that I made at Lulu.


One of them I just got in the mail last week, actually.


So, is it me, and for whatever reason I just can't seem to find this again now?

(I'm hoping that is it, because I was really wanting to do another one now, as a new project)


Or, has there been a change in that since very recently, and that format is only available in paperback now, but no more in hardback? (I did see the square paperback option, but I want hardback in that shape/size, to match this one I have already)


anyone know for sure?





  • The bottom line is you cannot have what is not available. The option to make a square hard back book does not currently exist. There are always reason why certain products are offered and others not, and the facility does not exist on Lulu to create a custom-sized book so we have to work with what is offered.

  • The Square 8.5 x 8.5 is available for Photobooks, but it's not an option we've offered for a normal casewrap hardcover any time recently.
  • Well, I have one that I received literally just two weeks ago, that I thought was a square hardcover, but maybe it is not as square as I think it is. It must be a different size than I think it is.


    I will have to measure it and see what size it is after all, I guess, and go from there.


    Thank you for the reply.

  • If you want to post the order number those books came in, I can look it up and give you the specs for the book. You can private message it to me as well.
  • Thank you.


    I went to the recent order in my acount and confirmed that it is an 8.5 x 8.5 casewrap hardcover book, as listed in the publication specs on the product page.


    Apparently I can still order this for an older book, but it is no longer available as a new-book option.


    I'm disappointed, because I have a second book almost ready to set up and publish, which is why the situation came up, as I was going to "create new book" and getting ready to get started on it. I wanted them to be the same size, as a set, but oh well, apparently it is not to be.



    The internet giveth and the internet taketh away.


    No worries.


    (Or, this may be the moment when I'm finally motivated to consider other POD places as a supplement to Lulu (not to leave, of course, because I'm very happy with Lulu), but if other places offer that size, well, then, I may do this particular book somewhere else, perhaps.)

  • I believe the 8.5 x 8.5 casewrap is a photobook format. I know we can't offer that as a "normal" book using the file upload wizard, but it is definitely still available as a photobook.
  • Thank you for the reply.

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