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I could use some guidance on how to get myself going. I've been on Lulu a long time, but I've never really done that much with it. I love writing but the rest of it gets overwhelming every time I try to sit down and make myself do things like learn promotion and so forth. I usually end up getting discouraged and abandoning the effort LOL.


I've become obliged to change careers because I destroyed my back last year and need to do some work that's lighter duty on my body, so I thought, 'Why not try a little writing again?' Okay, here I am thinking about giving this another go but I don't really know how I should get started.


I've been thinking about buying a marketing plan or service. I thought maybe that might help me be able to watch somebody promote something of mine from the inside and I might get comfortable with the whole business part of things.


I have no idea how I should proceed. All thoughts welcome.




  • Here is a little something that you can do that need not cost too much money. If you publish print books and they are available on you can create a giveaway promotion. Navigate to your book's page on and then to the bottom left hand side of the page where you will see the Set Up a Giveaway link.


    You will need to have an Amazon account for this. You can choose to giveaway between 1 to 30 books. You pay for the cost of the book and the postage and sales tax, if applicable. You can also choose what people have to do to enter your giveaway, e.g. follow you, or send a tweet or, easiest, nothing at all. You can choose to allow Amazon to let others know about your giveaway, or not (in which case you would have to let people know about it).


    If the people who win a copy of your book like it they might tell their friends about it, or buy another book from you. Each person who enters your sweepstake already has an Amazon account. My feeling is that it is better to bring your book to the attention of someone like this than just the general public through an advertisement.


    You could also try using Google Ad Words Express. You stipulate how much you are prepared to spend each month. However, only about one percent of people who see the ads actually click on them and who knows what percentage of that one percent actually buys anything. However, if you have your author name in the ad the people who see it but don't click might one day look you up. That's the theory anyway.


    I'm sure you will have some people tell you that you need to blog and be on social media but all of that can be a distraction and seriously cut down on your writing time. The best way of selling a book is word of mouth. When someone likes a book and they tell their friend about it you are well on your way to making a second sale.


    Truth be told, you are not very likely to be able to make a living from your writing. Few authors are ever that lucky, and they are usually the ones with a traditional publishing company behind them, spending a fortune on advertising and promotion. I wouldn't advise spending too much on a marketing plan that will take you years to recoup. Perhaps try the Amazon Giveway and see if it gets you anywhere; if you giveaway one book it ought not to cost very much. Good luck.

  • Brambles,


    Thanks for the reply. Studying your thoughts.

  • Lulu does sell services for that if you can afford it. Otherwise I make videos and put on youtube using keywords that pertain to the book's content. You can make webpages or sites containing blogs and adverstise your book on there. Once you add your book here in global distribution it actually gets online everywhere.

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