From Ingram (Lightningsource) to Lulu

Hi. I have been usng the Lightningsource for years, now thinking about moving to Lulu.

I need short answers for these questions:


1. Is it possible to submit orders to author (to myself)?

2. Is it possible to submit orders to someone else (as using my external webshop)?

3. What is the yearly fee per title?

4. What is upload fee per title?

5. Maximum print sizes?


Many thanks, MA


  • There is no annual fee for using Lulu, nor an upload fee. Everything is free; all you have to do is pay for one proof copy if you are making a print book. Lulu takes a cut of whatever you sell.


    You can place a link on your website for people to buy copies of your book directly from Lulu. You can also order copies of your book to sell directly to customers; this would be the cheapest option as you only pay the manufacturing cost. Lulu also distributes to various different channels, such as Ingrams, Amazon, Kobo, etc, so people could buy your book through various online bookstores.


    Click on the Create link on the main menu to see all the book sizes you can create. I think 8.5 x 11 might be the largest.

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