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Conversion failing

Yesterday I attempted to make a few changes to a print file - I had already ordered the proof and gone through it. When I uploaded it I received the error message. I checked the forums and read about the problems on your servers - following advice I spent far too long trying to find a server it would upload to - it never did.


Today - same message keeps coming up, but I see you are telling others they have to make a pdf? That's not going to happen on my end. When will this be fixed?


  • Making a pdf is the simplest method. Sometimes depending on formating the conversion tool will mess up the document. Making a pdf and uploading that is much faster and the tool won't change anything. After all it's making a pdf out of your document anyway why not do it first. You can also check it before you upload and it will print just as you see it. I've never had one mess up although I have had trouble with the conversion tool. You can use dopdf which is free and works in MS Word. Not sure about others like Mac etc.

  • This is the first conversion problem I have had. I'd prefer to keep things the same as the other 13 books I have published through Lulu. 

  • uploaded file for interior but stuck on trying to make the cover now! Very frustrated

  • I managed to get everything uploaded.
  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor



    Mine is still frozen. I even started a hardcover version to test if maybe it was only that project.

     A citizen of the world.

  • I am a new user and I have the same issue as has been reported originally (8/22/2017). My first project has the following issue with the Content Creation Wizard; after a successful upload of a 5.6 MB PDF (Version 1.3) which includes embedded fonts, and after click the ‘Make print-ready file’ option (a requirement for the production of the book) the Wizard generates the error message. This process has been repeated multiple of times yesterday and today.


    I have followed the error’s message instructions and I have written yesterday (16/09/2017) to the support and I am waiting for their response.


    I would like to know if this issue has the potential to be resolved in a timely manner, or if it will take an extensive amount of time to be resolved.

  • Sorry to hear the conversion is failing. The problem with the converter was fixed a few weeks ago, so I'm guessing there's an interaction between your file and the convert that's causing the error.
    I see the case you have in our system and I alerted our support team to see if they can review your file as soon as possible and get back to you.
  • Quick follow up, we just received a report that one of our connection services had to restart over the weekend and is currently being looked at. This service restarting could have caused conversion failures, and our IT team is investigating now.
    So you might be running into this issue rather than a concern with the file itself. I'll update again as we learn more.
  • As of today (19/09/2017) the issue continues – the converter issue does exist form the 16/09/2017. I am still awaiting an answer to my support message. The only response is on this community forum.


    It seems to me that no solution is imminent or possible in timely manner – already three days have passed without been able to print my first project.

  • Following up the issue with the converter’s failure (started on 16/09/2017), I have not yet received an answer from the Lulu support; the issue continues today (20/09/2017).


    I have decided to delete the file of my publication and the project.

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