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Will my customers get the revised version of the book?

Hello all, 


I have a book of poetry published on Lulu that a few people purchased today. I uploaded a revision to the book within about 10-15 hours of these purchases. I was wondering if the customers who ordered before the revision would receive the revised book or the previous version. 


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  • wildwindwildwind Publisher

    I receive email alerts on Amazon whenever an ebook I've bought has been updated but I don't recall ever having received one on Lulu. That could just mean that none of the ebooks I have bought have ever been updated.


    It doesn't work with print books, however, because some one has to pay for the production cost of the book.

  • Lulu pulls the files after about 1 hour from the time of ordering. Once those files are pulled, any updates won't carry over to any jobs currently at the printer.
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