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In case anyone is interested in pay per click advertising this has been my experience. Only one percent of the people who saw the ad clicked on it and of those that did I won't know how many made a purchase but sales numbers are not up in any significant way. It could be that they would have been worse without the ad, but that is not something I can ever know.


I spent one month's worth of revenue trying to chase more sales that didn't really pan out. I hope others have more luck than I did.


  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    I only advertise on FaceBook and a linguists' network. Both are free. Whenever I recall the existence of an existing title of mine, or when I inform of a new one, the purchase of a couple of copies always takes place during the ensuing weeks. This is not much, but quite good for didactic books with a tiny potential readership.

  • danvio wrote:


    Poetry is a hard sell -- Pottery is a more profitable art, I think.


    While I am not normally a fan of free verse, I think your poems have something special. I wish you luck.

  • One of my more effective attempts (and I've tried a few things) has been to build an email mailing list of people who have enjoyed my books -- friends from unrelated forums, and folks like that. I don't push my books, but those who have opted in are notified of new releases.


    I'm thinking of starting a Youtube channel about books in general -- If I start making reviews of books in my living room, I've got enough material to cover the first thousand or so videos...

  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    I forgot to tell you that whenever I release a new title I have a score of postcards of the cover made, and I distribute them randomly. Sometimes I leave a couple in the small free-postcard stand one finds in some Paris pubs. I have no idea if any of my books have ever been sold thanks to them. Smiley Happy

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