Deleting a project to start again

Hi, I don't know if I'm alone on this, but has anyone else had problems with not being able to revise when they've pressed the Revision button. I wanted to add a free ISBN after I'd already uploaded and accepted my story and cover. The trouble was I'd pressed the button and not the one issuing the ISBN. Now, when I've tried to go back in, that particular option isn't allowing me to press it.


I have been in touch with Support and received wonderful instructions which should have worked - they didn't and I'm still in the same position. I decided to delete everything and start again.


I highlighted the story pressed Delete or Retire only to find I can only Retire it. No good to me.


I went into my files - highlighted them - pressed Delete. I can't do that either, apparently.


The previous two books in the series have ISBN's because I pressed the right button that time.


Please can someone get me out of this mess?



  • Once a book has been published, you'll need to retire it. As per our file retention guidelines, we retain the files for you in retirement for a period of time before deleting them.
  • Thank you Paul. I'll do that and re-submit the book (properly) this time.
  • I would like to make a 2nd edition of the same book, but in hard cover this time. How can I replicate my project to avoid doing the whole job again?
  • Hi pbleue!

    You can absolutely create your book as a Hardcover. In order to do this, you would create a new project by starting on the Create page as you did with your original project. This time you would choose "Hardcover" instead of paperback. When you finish the project you will have two on your project page: one paperback and one hardcover. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us via the support link in your account.
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