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Changes to Lulu Forum Admins

Some of you may have noticed we haven't heard much from Glenn recently. Sadly, its because he's moved on to a new opportunity, a job that will allow him to write and create content that he loves for a fresh new company desperately in need of his services.


While we miss him and cheer for his new opportunity, it has left a void for us. I've stepped into his past role of content creator for Lulu, and will be more heavily focused on that side of our business and less focused on helping our customers day to day. 


This also leaves a gap in our forums administration, one we'll be filling with @Taylor_Lulu. Taylor is one of our excellent customer service reps and she brings the same wealth of knowledge and publishing skills all of our customer service team possess.


I'll still be active here too, so don't be surprised to get a response from me.


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