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Global reach program seems absolutely worthless . . . Am I wrong???

So I'm looking at the global reach program, and it seems like quite the unbalanced route. In the given example on the GlobalReach page, it shows that If I sell just through Lulu alone my cut is $7+. But if I sign up for the program, then my cut falls to less than $2.  The "distribution fee" is almost $8!  There are only 2 channels being added B&N and Amazon . . . Amazon doesn't keep stock on hand in a retail location, so they'll simply be a middleman to the process of ordering, which leads me to believe that B&N will be doing the same and not actually putting my books on the shelf of their locations. Sooooooo, why the big cut to those companies, and why would this even be an option on my radar when I could simply just put a "buy at Lulu" llink on my website? Are these 2 companies going to be doing some promotion with my books to ensure that they get looked at by every visitor? Are my sales going to increase so much so that this kind of "fee" ( 50% of the books cost) will be worth it? I just don't see how... Extrapolating these figures shows a HUGE imbalance!  What am I missing????


  • Skoob_ymSkoob_ym Teacher

    What you're missing is being able to say, "Available through Amazon" for your readers who are not familiar with Lulu.


    Is that worth it? Well, those who can follow the link can find and buy at Lulu; those who can't can buy your book through Amazon. Whether that's a worthwhile advantage is a question you must resolve.

  • The Global Reach is more than just Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It also goes on Ingrams where many booksellers buy books to sell. If you  take the ISBN of my book below you will see it listed on 30 or more online stores world wide. Sure I get less than if I sell on lulu, but I almost never sell on lulu. Most people have never heard of lulu or maybe even trust the site. No badmouthing it for sure, it's been great. But the fact is if lulu will distribute your book worldwide which might be impossible for you to do alone you stand a greater chance of your book being seen and purchased. I sell few books here and do make more but I sell more on Amazon etc. than here which makes me more money. If you also make an ebook of your paperback it will go out to even more online bookstores. This increase the chances of sales even more. If you look for my paperbacks on Ebay you'll find people selling them as well. Who then order them from Ingrams and I still get paid. You're not being charged for this service. It used to be $75 now it's free. They get their cut but it's a business they have to make money too. But they've never charged me a dime and I've made enough money to keep me writing For most but not all sales come from outside lulu. If you only sell here then you probably won't make as much. There are some that do, by having links sending people here etc. But I'd rather have my books listed world wide and make less than have them listed only here and make more. Study it a little more.

  • wildwindwildwind Publisher

    Neither Global Reach nor selling only on Lulu will bring you much in the way of sales. Global Reach books are too expensive compared to the books they are competing against in the main market place i.e. Amazon and unless you have hundreds and thousands of visitors to your website you might wonder why your sales graph isn't climbing. Perhaps one in a thousand people might respond to a plea to BUY NOW!


    It is a really lovely idea that your book is available to be ordered from loads and loads of book stores around the world but not worth much unless they actually sell.


    Remember, this is self publishing and your books will never see the inside of a bookstore. That costs money, serious money, which is why only books from publishing companies are available in bookstores. The rest of us rattle around in cyberspace, selling a book or two.

  • In December I sold over 200 plus books. Maybe 2 were on So without Globalreach I would have made maybe $8 compared to what I did make otherwise. I didn't pay for the service and yes they get their cut but this is a business. But look at the difference I made and would have between the two. I really don't see the problem you're having. You can publish your book both ways and increase your chances for sales. You're only fee is the proof copy which is usually under $10 with shipping a one time thing if you don't need to revise.

  • I missed part of what you read. It's true most bookstores will order copies of your book and keep it on their shelves. I think it has to do with return policies and perhaps price. But Amazon and Barnes and Noble does put it on their online bookstore which is where most people shop no days anyways. All of our bookstores here where I live closed down or moved. Except for Cornerstone Christian bookstore which does very well. I did ask them about ordering my books. I was told that they won't do that with POD books. I could though bring a few copies down and he'd set up a table for me to sell them for a small cut.
  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    TheJesusNinja a écrit :
    It's true most bookstores will order copies of your book and keep it on their shelves.

    It's wrong. They don't do that for self-published books, unless one agrees after you have contacted them.

  • Just peeked my head back in. Having Global Reach will not ensure that any book store anywhere will stock your book. Lulu books are priced too high, they have no standard discount (50% off cover price), ad no return policy that bookstores expect of books they stock. BUT what it will do is make sure that your books ISBN is listed through Ingram which makes it available on most bookstore websites the world over including online retailers like Amazon, B&N, etc. What this means is that, no, your book more then likely won't ever see a bookstore shelf ever. BUT if yo do some hardcore promotion/marketing and someone finds out about your book because of it they can walk into any bookstore anywhere and have the store clerk order a copy of your book at any time. If you don't believe me and have Global Reach, pick a bookstore, any bookstore, go to it's website and put your ISBN in their search box. I guarantee your book will show up.

    What I'd suggest is trying Booklife/Publisher's Weekly tools for self publishers. Once you set up an account at Booklife you can advertise your book in a copy of PW and Booklife (both online on their website, twitter, and Facebook, in their newsletter to subscribers and, most importantly, in one of their monthly print editions) for $149 that goes out to over 120,000 book buyers, librarians, publishers, industry insiders, readers, etc. I just did it for one of my children's books and I plan on doing it for the other.


    Booklife/PW Select

    Hope that helps.


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