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page numbering and section breaks in uploading multiple pdfs

From perusing your site, I gather it is better upload pdf files with the fonts embedded for a print book. I have really battled with the page numbering for different sections in my original word doc. I have followed all the advice concerning section breaks etc but when I come to trying to insert page numbers 1,2,3 into the pages after Contents page, Word only inserts number 1 on the first page and the rest have no numbers, just a pilcrow sign when I check with pilcrow. I have bald patches from dealing with this so have decided to follow advice and cut up my doc into two files for upload; front section and main section of text.


My question is this, I know I have to have section breaks after every page in the front section or Lulu will start numbering them 1,2,3 as well when making a composite file. Does the last page of my front pages file have to be a blank (left hand) page or do I make the first page of my main section a blank page with a section break before the contents page? I am concerned that when the two files are added together by Lulu, I will have an extra blank page. Hope I have explained clearly...


  • I'm not certain about the page number, but MS Word can be a real pain with header/footer control.

    For that blank page, there's no requirement that you add it (unless you want a blank page in the book). What I would do is a use a Page Break (not a Section Break) to insert a page at the start of the second file.

    Be sure to have a look at the print ready PDF once we generate it, you'll be able to see how the files are stitched together and if you notice any issues, you can back up to the file step and upload an edited file.
  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    Just buy WordPerfect, and forget MS-Word.   Smiley Happy

  • Here's a Word "how-to" I put together sometime back and which should be of some help in getting the page numbers and header / footers to flow properly.

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