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Free books..

I googled my book 'Our United Voice' just to see where else it's listed and to my horror found a couple of sites offering it as a 'free' download! Are they allowed to do that? and how do they do it? I assumed my books are protected here? So if people can get them elsewhere for free I'm never going to make a sale am I? I feel quite upset about this and don't know what to do? Smiley Sad


  • wildwindwildwind Publisher

    Welcome to the club. These sites don't actually have your books available.

    They are either phishing for credit card details or downloading malicious

    software onto the computers of the people who visit them. The best thing to

    do is to try and ignore them as you will find your book listed as being available on

    many different sites and with some claiming that it has had thousands of downloads.

    This is sadly just a sign of the times that we live in.

  • A lot of mine are listed for free as well. Some are on torrent sites. I put in around 4 copyright complaints and got some taken down. Some of these don't have it but are just trying to make people sign up and then sell their infomation such as email address etc. I had 3 videos on youtube giving my books away for free. I contacted youtube and had them removed. As I said some of them don't actually have them but some do if it's an ebook anyone can put up for free download. If you find and want it taken down just look at the bottom of the page of whatever site for a copyright infringement link and fill it out. Pain in the butt , but it does work in some cases, others they don't write even write back. The best thing is just use paperbacks. But then your sales will decrease. Mine would be almost nothing without ebook sales.


  • Hi, Thanks for your replies. It's comforting to know I'm not alone Smiley Happy


    So, today I got someone else to 'download' my 'free' book from one of the sites and guess what? his computer was instantly spammed with endless pop-ups trying to get him to sign-up for all kinds of sh*te! and he didn't get my book either! Smiley Very Happy I shouldn't laugh as it meant he had to clean his computer up but to say I'm relieved is an understatement!


    I know I shouldn't be so 'precious' over my books but, well, I am!


    I still haven't been able to sort out the other problem I posted about in the ebooks section, it's soooo frustrating!


    Thanks again for your help you guys, you're great people! Heart



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