Book Errors.

Hi. still trying my best to self publish, but as a newbie facing a few problems.Can anyone please help.

After compling my book contents on Libre office, and double checking , proof reading. everything looks ok. I then mke a PDF and upoad to LUlu for publication. When the approval copies arrive, they come back full of errors ie, Page overlap, pictures and text creeping on to next page, instad of all on same page. What am I doing wrong?. Can anyone help please.



  • The most important thing to do is review the PDF you generate from Libre Office and the Print Ready PDF from the Lulu converter.

    The errors your mentioning are almost always due to formatting in the original file shifting when converted to a PDF
  • oncewasoncewas Librarian



    Try using doPDF (available free; just Google doPDF) to create your PDF and be sure to embed fonts.

    The PDF produced by doPDF will be as you want your book to look. Also, if you have pictures in your book

    you need to insert them, not copy and paste. Good luck.



  • I also recommend doPDF. It makes publishing much easier.
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