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No ISBN Option Available To Me?

I'm trying to publish a book but the site refuses to give me an ISBN:# and I don't know why. I told it I wanted to distribute the book publicly. Does anyone know why this is happening to me? That it just skips that step and goes streight to the file upload page? I would appreciate the help. Thanks. KRB.CRB 


  • You must have selected a format that is not distributed.

  • So say for instance; I don't add an ISBN# and just sell the book on lulu .com. Will that fly? I tried to contact support yesterday about this, but I still haven't heard anything back about it yet. The first of four books published gave me an ISBN:# right away. I used the same format on all my other books but to no avail. Besides, what kind of a 6''x9'' book doesn't allow for distribution???


    And all because I found this thread in, "General Discussions" about distribution on other sites and I figured that everyone else is doing it, "So will I.". I mean, I would like to have my books available anywhere people go. Makes sense to me... Oh well, I published them like that and there's no ISBN:# or lack there of in the description either. Strange, but true. Maybe they snuck in an new policy because of this? What do you think? KRB.CRB


  • You most likely selected Standard Paperback 6 X 9, which is not eligible for retail distribution, hence no ISBN #. Change it to Premium Paperback 6 X 9, then you'll be offered a free ISBN #.

  • Hi Boltor

    I had a look at your account.

    HJ_Peterson is correct.

    Only the Premium Paperback and Hardcovers are eligible for distribution at this time.


    The Standard products are less expensive and are great for book signings, speaking engagements and other events where you can sell your books directly to buyers. They can also be purchased from the Lulu bookstore. At this time, Standards book formats are printed only in the USA, but we are expanding this option to the UK soon after the start of the new year.



  • Awesome... Thanks everyone.

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