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Books retired!?!

Hi Folks.

I've had a few books in My Lulu which were all set to private, they were for my publication only.  They have been in my account for years.  Last night I logged into Lulu because I wanted to update one of the books (a few speller and grammar corrections have been made) and I discovered that every one of my private books has been retired!?!  Only one book remains, one which is public, but every other book was retired!!

Can someone please tell me what the deal is with this?  Do books automatically get retired after so long?  If this is the case, I think Lulu should send the author an email to let them know their book is going to be retired and give them an option of not retiring the book.

Can I now post up the book again?  If I do, does that mean I will have to buy a proof copy again?  I wanted to update my book as a friend asked for a copy of it.


  • Hello Paul_Boland

    You can have a look at Lulu's content retention policies here: Content Retention Guidelines

    The new guidelines were announced as part of our January 2013 release.

    You can indeed unretire the project(s). To prevent this from reoccuring set your project to Direct Access.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    I thought that applied to unused files and 'dormant' Draft Projects, not to books people have published, Private or not?

    "Private Content

    Any published content set to Private status that has not been purchased for a period of at least six months.

    Policy:  All Private content will be deleted 6 months after the date of publication or last purchase date, whichever is longer."

    Interesting. That should be extended to at least a year in case some people are using it for annually updated family journals or whatever, bought once a year. As was the case with the deceased Yearbook Project options.

  • Thanks for the replies.  A bit disappointed by this.  Would be nice to have some way to set private books to not retire too.  It seems I am unable to un-retire my books, the files have been delieted, so I will have to upload them again.  Thanks for the info, I'll keep this in mind.

  • my only copies of all the poems i ever wrote were on here and files are deleted... permanently retired i need to find a way to recover them. it wont let me un retire. ive used u guys for so long just havnt logged in in a while. it used to save everything. im very dissapointed that all my work is gone please help


  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Lulu bought a poetry site and linked it to here, then they sold the poetry site and the new owners deleted all the Lulu added stuff. It may have been that.


    But yes, Lulu now delete files that they consider to be no longer in use, often if they are in a Project still in Revision for a long time.


    The moral is to keep the originals on your own PC and also back them up to a CD or whatever.

  • I'm in the same boat.


    I've used lulu for years, always set private and bought my own, just haven't bought any for a year due to finiance problems but logged in again to buy today, and all but one of my 15 books have been "retired", which is their word for deleted/wiped/ceased to be.


    I had no warning email, and i think it's a shoddy way to treat people.


    so i'd have to sit and remake all the books, some of which i don't have the files for anymore due to 2 PCs and a backup external being damaged in a flood last year Smiley Sad


    So thanks for the warning lulu - just cos we don't sell to the masses doesn't mean we don't want our books.


    and with WARNING you would have got some money cos i'm pretty sure people would panic buy their own if it meant being kept. But no, you've wiped years of my own work.

  • Having experience a few computer hard drive disasters, I sympathize with your plight; however, in order to provide free tools and free customer support, we must constantly work to control costs. File storage for 1.6 million books and their revisions (about 300 terabytes of data), many of which were one-time purchases by the author or were never published, costs hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in hardware and file storage costs.


    Lulu updated our content retention policy in November 2012 and automated it's enforcement in January 2013. The content retention policy states that Private content will be permanently retired 6 months after publication or the last purchase date, whichever is longer. At this time, we are enforcing a 13 month period since the last purchase before content is actually retired.


    You can have a look at Lulu's content retention policies here: Content Retention Guidelines

    The new guidelines were announced as part of our January 2013 release.


    Since implementing this policy we have removed 1,999,451 projects set to private and 1,287,448 abandoned draft projects from our servers.

  • I understand the need to control costs. What I don't understand is not doing a thing to let your customers know and give them a chance to deal with it. Does sending out an email really cost anything? To me, this is totally unacceptable.

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