Extra pages added to my print ready file


I uploaded a PDF that is 6X9 and about 415 pages, but for some reason Lulu says the print ready file is 732 pages. When I download the preview it doesn't seem to be that long. However they are basing my pricing on that length and wanting me to charge $32 for the book. How can I make Lulu see the proper size of my document? Thank you.


  • You probably have two PDFs uploaded. Look under the tab Upload at the interior upload stage. Click on the red X next to one of the files to remove it.

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  • I have run into the same problem. I uploaded my 59 page MS Word doc and when it was converted to pdf by Lulu it came back with 78 pages, a whole bunch being blank. Where did I screw up? Thanks.

  • A couple of things can add pages. An extra file, as EM_Press mentioned, or in a Word doc, page/section breaks can make additional blank pages.
    My advice is to save your file as a PDF, and be sure the total page count is divisible by 4. Then upload just the one PDF and convert. This should result in a print ready with the same number of pages as your source PDF.
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