Print Ready adding extra pages?

Hello world! Looking for your help. Finally degredged my way through the formatting dramas of a manuscript, only to find that when I convert into print ready I get an extra page added after my dedication that I don't want, and two extra pages after my forward....? Smiley Sad 


Advice appreciated, so much!!!


  • I suggest you have a look at your manuscript with the formatting characters displayed. Click the button that looks like a paragraph symbol to view formatting.


    It is possible that you have an extra page break or a break set to "Next Odd Page" or similar causing the extra pages to be inserted.


    If you don't see those page breaks, check the Heading Style to see if it includes "Page Break Before."



  • That also sometimes happens if you have your page number set to start at 1. If it naturally falls on the left, it will be moved to the right with a blank page before.


    Good luck.

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  • So i see the section break odd page but what should it be set at?

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