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Is there any way to create a customized back page on the calendar?


  • Not at this time.

  • Is the back just a blank white page then?
  • Yes - there is no printing on the back cover of the calendar.

  • Actually, there's a bar code and a number on the bottom of the back page of my calendars. It does not seem to match either the product ID or the order number, so I assume this is something added by the printer. These were printed last year though, so I don't know it that changed. There's no logo or anything that identifies the printer.

  • I understood the question to be more about being able to include images on the back page, but perhaps I misread the question.  Smiley Embarassed

  • Glenn, that was the first question, yes. The follow-up question was about the back page being blank, and it is in the PDF preview but not quite on the final product.


    The reason it might be of interest: Some online calendar printing services plaster their logo and website, basically as an advertisement, on the back page. Some people don't like to have somebody else's ad on their calendars, so it might be worth pointing out that Lulu's don't have that. The bar code and number are fairly "neutral" and probably just used to keep track of print runs. But the page is not left completely blank as the PDF preview might suggest.

  • Thank you for your thoroughness, AnnKat.

    It's good to see you back in the forums.

  • Thanks all. I appreciate the thorough responses! I just wish I could design the back page! Maybe Lulu will add that before long.
  • Ok...the last entry I saw on this topic was dated 2014. People at that time wanted a back page for the most normal calendars. But that wasn't available at that time.  Is it now in 2016? If not, I may have to find some where else to publish this.



  • To sell a calendar in a cellophane sleeve, you pretty much need to have the back feature the photos on the inside - go to a store and flip over a calendar.   It is expected.   Please respond - this cannot be that hard to accomplish and it would help the customers who need it.


  • Unfortunately, our printers do not offer printing on the back cover for our calendars.

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