Pick up bulk order from printer?



first time LULU user here.


I'll be ordering 120 copies of a 400 page hard back which I intend to distribute myself, locally in the UK.


Margins are already tight and I was (naively?) expecting to be able to pick up the stock myself from the LULU UK printer rather than bear what I imagine to be a heavy shipping cost.


Is this possible?  How do i go about doing this.








  • Hi ReadingRog,


    Unfortunately, our printers do not have an option available to allow for orders to be picked up at their location at this time. You'll have to have them shipped.

  • They had a free shipping (plus 20% off) coupon code this weekend. if you could wait a bit, perhaps they'll have another. Or, write to Lulu Support and see if they have a one-time free shipping coupon code for you.


    It's a long shot, but you'd be surprised how kind life can be when one dares to ask.

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  • Thanks for replies - I'll try community support.

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