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Table of Contents has extra information

I made the title heading 1 and the chapters heading 2. I inserted a TOC which looks fine in Word but when I upload the file to Lulu it asks me to review the TOC and the top three lines are my full name, address and phone number. This information is not in the Word document so not sure why it is showing and how to get rid of it. I browsed the forum and although I saw various issues with TOC, I did not see this issue.


  • When you are making an ebook you do not need to insert a TOC in Word.

    The TOC is built by the epub conversion software from the H1 and H2

    styles that you used. If you remove your TOC and try again it should work.


    Remember, the name of your book should be on the very first line of your document.

    You must have entered your name, address and phone number into Word when

    you got the software. I don't know how it got into your epub but if you click on File

    and then Prepare you can strip out this information before saving the document

    and then uploading it to Lulu.

  • Thanks for the reply. I was just coming here to state I read the section again regarding the TOC and realized it would be added by Lulu.

  • Also - make sure the first line of text in your manuscript is your book title set to Heading Style 1. Otherwise information from your file properties will be inserted into the TOC as your title - which could be where the name and phone number are coming from.

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