Font sizing? spacing?


I'm new to this and I need some advice on what font size I should use. should I space my lines if so how much? What file type should I save it as etc. Anything to make it come out right when printed.


Now I'm deciding book types, but I'll probably choose the. Type A5 size: 5.83 x 8.26 in  OR Type Digest size 5.5 x 8.5 in 

What would be the best used for these sizes?


  • Are you planning to have your book eligible for retail distribution? If so, go with Premium Paperback 6 X 9. You haven't specified if your book is all text or not, I'm assuming it is. Font size depends on the author, some people choose a 12 pt. Also, what program are you using, Word?


    I use Open Office, with Times New Roman font at 10.5 pt for the main text, single spaced. That may seem small, but it works fine, and I wear reading glasses. Whatever you do, make sure you use Styles & Formatting in your word processing program to set up your page and paragraph characteristics. When you've finished your document, save it as a PDF and upload that.


    I highly suggest investing a little time to read the Knowledge Database; there's a lot of info there. It's worth it, as you'll have a pain-free upload when you're ready to print. Before publishing my first book and Ebook, I think I read several threads 3 or 4 times, to make sure I understood the process and what was required. I've never had an issue uploading a file, or having it rejected. 

  • Frankly, to me, Times New Roman below 12pts makes any main text uncomfortable to read. 10pts, 9pts, 8pts are ony good for notes and indexes.

  • I agree with Jean-Paul, 12 pt is generally considered the standard font size. Our system works best with font larger than 6 pt, as font they small can be blurry when printed, but I wouldn't suggesting going lower than 8 pt for any text.

  • Yes. I was going to keep it at 11 or 12. Now what about spacing? Should I keep it single? Or bring it to 1.5 for printing?
  • I think most print books use single spacing, but in the end its up to you how you want to set up the text and formatting.

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